'Not a real life superstar': Twitter war over Rajini's statement

'Not a real life superstar': Twitter war over Rajini's statement

Left: Rajinikanth during the press meet. Right: A collage of scenes from the Kaala movie song. (Screengrabs)

When Karikaalan, the hero of the new Rajinikanth movie 'Kaala', says  "land and water are our rights, come together, let's fight", Tamilians say this happens only on screen, not in real life.

Soon after a youth in a hospital in Thoothukudi asked actor-turned politician Rajinikanth 'who are you?', NanthanpaRajinikanth (It's me, Rajinikanth) started trending on Twitter. His reaction to the protest invoked massive reproval from the Tamil people.

Speaking to reporters at the Chennai airport on his return from Thoothukudi, an irate Rajini said, as a reply to a question, that "this problem (police action on protestors) started after police was attacked. Those anti-social elements attacked police... If you are protesting for everything, Tamil Nadu will soon become a barren land."

Earlier, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Panaliswami had also said that anti-social elements became violent during the protest.

While AIADMK welcomed his statement, many on Twitter accused him of siding with the ruling parties in the state and the Centre. Trolls apart, many opined that "he is showing his true colours''.

The upcoming movie 'Kaala' and its director Pa Ranjith are also being discussed on Twitter. 'Never expect Karikaalan (Rajini's character) in real life,'' someone tweeted.

He also found supporters, mostly from his fanbase and AIADMK and BJP workers.



Rajini was embarrassed by an anti-Sterlite protestor when he asked 'who are you' to Rajini while visiting them in a hospital. When the actor replied that his name is Rajinikanth and he came from Chennai, the young man shot back: “I know that. But I would like to ask why you came today and not when we were on the streets demanding the closure of Sterlite Cooper?”.

Ironically, the song from the movie, which has gone viral, goes like this:


"We have lost our right
We have lost our life
You think our life is pointless

You can be the voice
but you sell your words, deafen ears, dry your tears

Land and water are our rights
Come together, let's fight

To create a revolution
Come together, let's fight

To save our generation
Come together, let's fight"  (Translation: Youtube CC from the original song.)