Priyanka's political debut will be game changer: Pilot

Priyanka's political debut will be game changer: Pilot

Caption - Photo by Suman Sarkar  Sachin Pilot while speaking at Char Bagh on the day one of Jaipur Literature Festival. 

Hopeful about Priyanka Gandhi's entry into active politics after she was appointed as the Congress General Secretary for UP East ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Rajasthan's deputy chief minister and state Congress president Sachin Pilot said the move will prove to be a game changer.

Pilot made the remarks at the 2019 edition of Jaipur Literature Festival on Thursday while addressing a session called 'Democracy, Freedom and the Political Process: Looking to the Future.'

When asked by the audience if Priyanka's entry into politics could cast a shadow on Congress president Rahul Gandhi in coming time, Pilot refused countered and said, "Its Rahul Gandhi who has appointed her as the general secretary. Everyone in Congress party works as a team and as far as Priyanka is concerned, she has been handling (the Congress) war room for long and hence we should not prejudge her qualities and ability. Rather she should be given a chance to work."

Pilot added that her entry into active politics will help us to give a good fight. Speaking on the team spirit in the party and declining the allegations made by BJP that Priyanka has been brought as to remedy Rahul's failures, the deputy CM added, "Both Priyanka and Rahul compliment each other and they together can do wonders. After recently winning three states one month ago, how can BJP even BJP think that Rahul Gandhi has failed as a party president?"

Modi is never tired of traveling

On being asked by an audience member to recall one good quality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pilot said, "Modi ji is never tired when travelling". He was in conversation with senior journalist Sreenivasan Jain. 

The programme of the 2019 edition of the festival is vast and kaleidoscopic, with themes ranging from the classics, war, espionage, intelligence, politics, environment and climate change, gender issues, management entrepreneurship, science and technology, along with discussions on fiction, adapting screenplays, mythology, crime, history, cinema, art activism and psychological aftermath of migration, festival producer Sanjoy K Roy said.