Rahul says Mayawati is open for LS poll pact

Rahul says Mayawati is open for LS poll pact

Congress president Rahul Gandhi. (PTI File Photo)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday appeared unfazed over BSP supremo Mayawati's sudden decision to walk off from the discussion for a pre-poll alliance in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, saying she had given an indication for a tie-up for the Lok Sabha polls next year.

“I think in the national elections, the party (BSP) would come together, particularly in UP,” Rahul said during an interactive session at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi.

“I think that is the indication we have,” he said to a specific question on whether the BSP supremo has not ruled out an alliance with the Congress for 2019 polls.

The Congress president said Mayawati had clearly indicated that alliances in states and alliances at Centre were different.

“We were very flexible in the state. In fact, I was more flexible than our state leaders. We were in the midst of a conversation when I guess she made the announcement,” Rahul said.

At the same time, he said the BSP's decision on alliances would not have much of an impact on the Congress' poll prospects in Madhya Pradesh.

“I mean, it would have been a good thing to have, but I think we will win the elections in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh,” he said adding that the Congress was very confident of winning the elections in Rajasthan and Telangana as well.

Rahul said he would definitely become the prime minister if the allies of the Congress wanted him to don the mantle.

“We have had a discussion with the allies. What we have decided is that this is a two-stage process. Stage one is we are going to get together and defeat the BJP and stage two is once the elections are over, we decide what happens... because we really don't know,” he said.

“If they (allies) want me, I surely will,” Rahul said to a question on whether he would become the prime minister.