COVID-19: Telangana records 59 cases in one day

COVID-19: With 14 new cases, Telangana records biggest jump in one day to 59

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The Telangana state has recorded its highest jump in COVID-19 positive cases, since Thursday night.

According to the chief minister Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana has 59 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as on Friday evening.

The Thursday night bulletin released by the state’s health department had the figure at 45, including the first recovered and discharged case.

Rao said that 10 cases were confirmed on Friday, implying that four cases were detected on Thursday but were not revealed by the health authorities.

The Telangana health department has been releasing at-least two COVID-19 update bulletins daily. But there was no such bulletin since Thursday night.

“At present, 58 COVID-19 patients are undergoing treatment. About 20,000 people are in either government or home quarantines,” said Rao in a press conference.

“Even after all the lockdown etc. precautionary measures, we are recording cases like the 10 positives today. So, people should understand this virus’s danger. There is no cure for Covid-19 and even countries like the USA with advanced health care facilities are struggling with the mounting cases. Everyone should understand that social distancing is our best bet,” the CM said.

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The state machinery is gearing to deal with a situation of even 60,000 cases. “We have already readied 12400 beds with 1400 for ICU, and 11,000 for isolation treatment,” the CM said.

Stating that the lockdown would be in effect till 15 April, Rao said the night curfew between 7 pm to 6 am would also continue.

Mentioning the border check-posts situation of last two days with Andhra Pradesh locals trying to leave Telangana, CM said, “We will take care of everyone here in the state. No one needs to panic. No hostels will be allowed to be closed, no one shall be left hungry.”

“But I am appealing to everyone to follow the lockdown rules and cooperate with the police and health care officials.”   

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