Tough battle has been won: Baghel's family

Tough battle has been won: Baghel's family

The family members of Bhupesh Baghel, watching his name announced as the next chief minister of Chhattisgarh on television, realised that a tough battle that was fought over years had finally been won.

Party workers and supporters celebrated bursting crackers and distributed sweets at Baghel's Padum Nagar residence, exchanging greetings with family members, even as a large number of people arrived to congratulate the family on Baghel's rise to the top.

Baghel's wife Mutkeshwari was emotional and elated at the same time. His daughter Smitha said: "My father had fought a tough battle for all these years and the result brings joy as the hard work has paid off."

"Whenever he goes to Bastar region, we all were afraid all the time but my father is brave," she said.

Smitha, however, did have concerns. "He has now become the chief minister. He will spend less time with the family as he will have to give more time to the people. However, his priority is to fulfill the promises made to the farmers by the Congress party."

Bhupesh's brother-in-law Dev Verma said the chief minister elect had "for the last five years fought for the people without knowing fear. He has now been given the highest responsibility to serve his people. Under his leadership, the development of Chhattisgarh will take place and it will prove to be a milestone."