Who is the king of the jungle?

Who is the king of the jungle?

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The lion king was sitting in his courtroom in his den keeping a close tab on the matters of the human world, lending ears to the hot discussion eulogising the merits of a cow. “Her urine has medicinal properties and is thus as valuable as ‘gold’ while her excreta is considered more precious than some costly diamonds,” proclaimed a human exuberantly.

The king was surprised that the insignificant cow had grabbed such a pride of place and brought laurels to the animal kingdom. In no time, the king summoned the fox and proudly told her that “the urine of cow and its dung are of such a paramount usage and thus they can contribute in the developmental projects of their forest too.” 

The fox looked baffled and curiously enquired what the king was actually hinting to do. “Send for the cows. It is time to seek their help,” the king roared. 

The stunned cows were produced where all of them stood shivering. The lion knelt down before them. The king, slobbering at the sight of the cows, took the head of their herd in his embrace, “Oh! thou, the symbols of virtue, I was never aware that your urine and poo have the value of gold. I request you to bless us and mitigate our agonies also.” The stunned cows mooed. “Our majesty we can not charge our brethren, Now tears began to roll down on the cheeks of the king.  Deservingly humans designate you holy and noble.”  Now onwards, I will assign buckets and boxes to you to store your urine and excreta and no one can slaughter you. The wolves and hyenas will be deputed  to safeguard you.” 

Euphoric, the cows made their way back to the meadows and began to graze. All animals got occupied in storing excreta while the wolves and hyenas guarded them against those who dared to mince their meat. Within a few days, the collection took over the jungle issues of greater importance. Starving animals writhed in great distress, but it did not bother the king. Rather he magnificently  exhibited  his wealth that he had amassed, “Behold our forest is inundated with liquid gold!” “It is all bullcrap,” the dog retaliated mustering up the courage. “No, it is the cow’s,” haughtily spoke his majesty. 

“I opine it is all hogwash,” replied the dog, annoyed over the king’s stupidity.   “I don’t see any bugs,” roaringly retorted the lion, glancing at the daring dog. At his wits’ end, the dog remarked, “Dear king, the entire forest is under a hunger crisis. Unless you revoke  your  misadventure, we will have to suffer.”  Expressing his opinion, he moved with a bleak hope that the king would exercise his wisdom and terminate all his despotic diktats.