Preventive measures to check forest fire

Preventive measures to check forest fire

The forest officials clear the weeds beside the road, at Anechowkooru near Gonikoppa.

As summer is approaching, the Forest Department has initiated steps to check the forest fires. The officials have burnt the dry weeds and grass situated by the roadside on the fringes of the forest. 

Thithimathi ACF Sripathi said, “Weeds have been cleared on 200-meter stretch beside the State highway, on Thithimathi-Panchavalli in Aanechowkooru Nagarahole wildlife division. The road situated on the periphery of forest from Allooru to Majjigehalla elephant camp covering 15-km distance also has been cleared. We are alert.” 

Hundreds of vehicles ply on the interstate highway at Thithimathi. There is a possibility of forest fire due to a spark thrown by negligent passengers.

“We have put up boards to create awareness on forest resources and wildlife. Watchers have been deployed. The watchers will inform the officials if they come across smoke inside the forest via walkie-talkie. A force constituted to check forest fire will be on high alert. The fire service personnel from Gonikoppa and Pririyapattana to be ready to face any eventualities,” said RFO Ashok Hunagunda.