Could Mahabaleshwar become wettest place on Earth?

Could Mahabaleshwar become wettest place on Earth?

Credits: prashant kumar/flickr

Mahabaleshwar could soon overtake Mawsynram to become the wettest place on Earth, according to a report from 

The original holder of the tag in the Guinness Book of World Records was Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, which had received a whopping 9,300 mm of rainfall in July 1861. It was later overtaken by Mawsynram, 20 km east of Cherrapunji, which received 11,872 mm.

However, Mahabaleshwar, the popular hill station destination for people in the Western part of India, received 5.486 mm of rainfall between June 1 and Aug. 6, as opposed to Cherrapunji, which received 5,346 mm in the same period, according to the report. Another hill station 30 km north of Mahabaleshwar, Tamhini Ghat received 5,959 mm of rainfall in that period.

India receives only 1,083 mm per year on average, but this year, both Maharashtra and Karnataka have been struck with excessive rainfall, leading to floods.