Scientist claims evidence of life on Mars

Scientist claims evidence of life on Mars

Photographs from the Mars Curiosity rover and other Mars missions hold evidence of insect-like life form on Mars says entomologist

Presence of insect-like creatures on Mars. (Photo by

William Romoser, an entomologist at Ohio University claims that life has existed and does exist on Mars based on photographic evidence provided by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

On November 19, the scientist presented a poster at a national meeting of the Entomological Society of America in St. Louis, Missouri in which he claims that reptile and insect-like life forms exist on Mars based on photos of the creatures and their fossils. 

Various photographs were individually studied based on various parameters such as brightness, saturation, contrast and so on. Images from the Mars Curiosity rover and several other missions were used in the study in which insect-like organisms claim to have been found. The scientist claims that particular postures, flight and motion is consistent with the presence of life forms on the planet. Some creatures appear to “loosely resemble bees or carpenter bees on earth.” Several characteristic anatomical features of insects/arthropods were identified in many images. One image shows a creature that resembles a king snake with eyes and other characteristic features.

Many images that were published display distinct flight behaviour. One such image shows two insect-like creatures flying close to each other and another shows an insect that the scientist claims is “bee-like” flying from the top of a cliff in a deep dive and levelling out before heading towards the camera. These “bee-like” creatures seem to be sheltering and nesting which are behaviours consistent with the harsh environs of a planet like Mars. There also seems to be evidence of predatory behaviour in one image where an insect-like creature was found in the mouth of a reptile-like creature. Rosomer believes that there might be evidence of natural selection and evolution too.