Best Instagram accounts to follow for history lovers

Best Instagram accounts to follow for history lovers

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There is a place for history lovers interested in broadening their horizons in the Instagram world. Here are four pages that you should follow for your daily dose of history.   

HISTORY @history
The hashtag #thisdayinhistory on the History Channel's Instagram page gives you a peek into historically significant events that happened on a particular day and they are provided with modern relevance. 

History In Pictures @historyphotographed

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It has an array of powerful and entertaining images with an emphasis on people. There is something here for everyone.  

Brown History @brownhistory

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This page brings a daily dose of South Asian history. It is run by Ahsun Zafar, who is digging deep to revive, share and document the forgotten stories of South Asian people. The page has tales that range from protests in east London after the racially motivated killing of factory worker Altab Ali to Kadambini Ganguly, who was the first female doctor to graduate and practice in South Asia.

History Cool Kids @historycoolkids

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Photographs of famous and ordinary moments through the ages are shared to make history cool again. This page serves history with a dash of humour and pop-culture cool. 

"The more you know your history, the more liberated you are." - Maya Angelou

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