Women's Day: Swirl, sip, savour

Women's Day: Swirl, sip, savour

Pernod Ricard Wines Ambassador Hortense Cabouret.

Every wine has a distinct scent, aroma that may bring you back to a memory, believes Pernod Ricard Wines Ambassador Hortense Cabouret.

Wine is often said to be an acquired taste... you either have it or you don't. It could also be the case of the Freudian 'perceptive expectation,' in other words, the belief that paying more for something often creates the expectation you will enjoy it more and you actually do enjoy it more! Call it what you may, wine has always been popular as a classy drink, more so with women who swear by the fruity punch that it packs.  

Women in fact have been a big driving force for the wine industry as they influence the buying decision. Women often scour the markets for organic and sustainably produced products as these are on top of their palate.

If statistics are to be believed, women are 60 per cent consumers of wine. Women are not only part of winemaking but they are also influencing the market as key drinkers. For them,  organic and sustainably produced products are important when they make their buying decision.

Hortense Cabouret, Pernod Ricard Wines Ambassador, believes that women are influencing the wine scene across the world. "Women have been challenging the industry's prejudices and old-time traditions. For example, Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Winemaker is crafted by a woman, Trina Smith. She is part of the winemaking team who has won more than 8,000 awards over the last 40 years," she says.

She echoes Persian poet Rumi's words when she says: “Either give me more wine or leave me alone.”

Deconstructing the concept of women and wine and how they like it, she says, "I like to say that there is a wine for every single woman and for each occasion. Your choice of wine depends on your mood and the occasion. Whether it is a chilled out evening with a friend or a brunch with friends or family, a glass of sparkling wine will always be a good companion."

When it comes to women, do they prefer labels or are they game for experimenting with flavours, we ask? "Both! That goes for men and women. You’ll be first attracted by the packaging and then the content. The label, country of origin, terroir, region, estate, winemakers, grapes varietal also play a big role when choosing a bottle. But the most important is the emotion it gives you when you take a sip. Every wine has a distinct scent, aroma that may bring you back to a memory," she adds

In fact, there are videos on how to pour the elixir into a glass so that it's about half full. Then there are those who'll tell you that swirling the wine around in the glass intensifies its aroma.

Sipping wine is no less than an art!

Like Paulo Coelho wrote in Brida: "Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle,” sipping on wine is like a life lesson.