RCB social media goes dark, Kohli asks if he can help

'Do you need help?' - Kohli to RCB after social media goes dark

Royal Challengers Bangalore fans were in for a shock when the team's Instagram posts began disappearing and their profile and cover images on Twitter and Facebook went blank.

The sudden developments, which shocked fans, eventually found their way to team captain Virat Kohli, who quickly asked the team if they needed any help.

Interestingly, the Twitter page for the Royal Challengers Bangalore seems to have drawn more than a blank: 'Bangalore' has disappeared from its name entirely, with a message from the team: "A new team, a new decade, but our fighting spirit shall never fade, come one, come all, united we stand, divided we fall" .

The team has also asked fans to mark Feb. 14 and to brace themselves, which may point to the speculation that the team will change its name to the 'Royal Challengers Bengaluru'.