Deve Gowda blasts mutts backing CM

Deve Gowda blasts mutts backing CM

“I do not fear such mutts. I fear the ordinary people of this State who gave so much to this son of a farmer,” he said at a meeting got up here as part of the Janandolana campaign against corruption.

“By threatening to revolt if the chief minister is unseated, mutts are insulting the Constitution,” the former prime minister said at the meeting organised under the banner of the Jayaprakash Narayan Forum.

“None can survive in power with the backing of mutt heads who support corruption. It is our misfortune that we have to see mutts supporting persons who misuse courts,” he remarked. “None can survive in power with the support of a single caste or with the support of religious institutions,” Deve Gowda said.

A different tale in K’taka

“In Tamil Nadu, Kanimozhi, daughter of Karunanidhi is poised to go to jail, but in Karnataka, people who looted lakhs of crores of rupees are walking scot-free,” Gowda said.

He said it is “not the mutt heads” but his party which ensured that a dalit woman became the Zilla Panchayat president. “There is no rule that only Lingayats or Vokkaligas should rule Karnataka. It is the objective of the JD(S) that power should be shared by all communities in the State,”he said.

Crossing all limits

“No caste-based party can survive in power. It should not survive. The chief minister is crossing all lines due to arrogance of caste, illegal money and support of religious institutions,” he declared.

“Religious institutions, once respected by people, are now supporting an individual steeped in corruption. The main pursuit of the government is making money illegally. In my 51 years of public life, I have never seen the kind of degeneration that is today witnessed in the legislature,” Gowda said.

BSY to give mutts a miss

Speaking in Davangere eddyurappa appealed to the mutts and religious institutions not to extend any invitation to him.

In the line of fire for his ‘frequent’ visits to Mutt, the chief minister said he will work at the Vidhana Soudha four days a week and tour the State during the weekend.