PU results: Chikkamagaluru secures 5th place

PU results: Chikkamagaluru secures 5th place

S Snehasri

Chikkamagaluru district has improved pass percentage in PU examinations and stood in the fifth position in the state by registering a pass percentage of 76.42%. Last year, the district was in the seventh position with 74.39%. 

Out of 8,154 freshers, 6,231 have passed. A total of 895 repeaters had appeared for the exam and 294 have passed. As many as 483 students had written the exam privately and 183 have passed. 

Out of 5,046 female students, 3,796 have passed. A total of 4,486 boys had appeared for the exam and 2,912 have passed. 

In the Arts stream, out of 2,645 students, 1,961 students have passed. In Commerce, a total of 3,260 students had appeared for the exam and 2,550 have passed. In the Science stream, 2,490 students had appeared and 1,720 have passed. 


Sai Angels College students S Snehasri and Anusha S Rao have secured 583 marks (97.17%) in science. Snehasri had secured full marks in Mathematics and Biology, 98 in Kannada and Physics, 88 in English, while Anusha had scored 100 in Biology, 99 in Mathematics, 98 in Chemistry, 97 in Physics, 95 in Kannada and 94 in English. 

Snehasri is the daughter of R Sathish and Arunakumari. Anusha Rao is the daughter of M K Srinivas Rao and B S Hema. 

S C Kavana of St Mary's College has scored 570 marks (95%). She has scored 97 in Chemistry, 99 in Physics, 99 in Mathematics, 93 in Biology, 90 in Kannada and 92 in English. Out of 59 students who appeared for the exam, 16 have passed with distinction, 40 with first class, said a release from College founder Gregory Lobo.

Basavanahalli Girls Government PU College has secured 84.30% results. Rakshitha from the Arts stream has scored 564 marks. 

Out of 142 students of BGS PU College, 130 have passed. As many as 16 students have passed with distinction and 16 students with first class. B Rukayya has scored 561 in science stream while H L Lohith has scored 553 marks. In the commerce stream, N H Yashvanthkumar has scored 544 marks.