DVS opposes mid-term polls in Karnataka

DVS opposes mid-term polls in Karnataka

Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers D V Sadananda Gowda on Sunday accused the Congress and JD (S) of adopting undemocratic means to hang on to power.

"The BJP has been highly democratic in its conduct in the Assembly. The Coalition government has lost majority as the number has dipped to two digits," he told reporters.

The whole world knew that the BJP had the majority. The Coalition partners could go to any extent to remain in power, he charged.

"We are confident that the Supreme Court will uphold justice on Monday as we've been righteous," he said.

Gowda said that the number of legislators supporting the state government had decreased in the last two days. The BJP should come to power to solve farmers' problems and other challenges of the state.

"The BJP has many constitutional options if the Coalition government fails to prove the majority. We will approach the governor, President and the Supreme Court. President's Rule will not end horse-trading. Everything will fall in place if the BJP comes to power," he said.

Gowda said that mid-term polls would adversely affect the development in the state