Mysuru-style attire for UoM convocation

Mysuru-style attire for UoM convocation

Dignitaries in colourful gowns with Mysuru-style turbans during the 100th convocation of the University of Mysore in Mysuru, on October 19, 2019. Vice-Chancellor G Hemantha Kumar is seen.

Western-style gowns worn during convocations may soon be history at the century-old University of Mysore (UoM).

UoM Registrar R Shivappa said in a meeting of the UoM Syndicate here on Wednesday that a committee headed by Registrar (Evaluation) A P Jnana Prakash was formed to look into the issue.

Syndicate member E C Ningaraj Gowda had written to vice-chancellor G Hemantha Kumar on December 16 urging him to include the issue in the agenda for the 8th general meeting on Wednesday. He had urged the VC to consider an Indian handloom attire to reflect Mysuru-Karnataka tradition.

Ningaraj Gowda said, “The UoM has a heritage of over a century and it is 73 years since we got Independence, but we still blindly follow European customs. We  should shed the colonial mindset. We should design a cotton, handloom attire that is suitable for our climatic conditions. It should also reflect our Mysuru-Karnataka tradition.”