Killer tiger captured at Bababudangiri

Killer tiger captured at Bababudangiri

Forest department personnel, on Monday, captured the tiger which had on Saturday killed a woman, near the Mallaraya Estate at Pandaravalli in the Bababudangiri range at the foot of Chandradrona hills.

The department began the operation to capture the animal in the morning and Dr Sanath, the tranquilisation expert of the Bhadra wildlife division. The tiger had mauled two cattle to death at the same spot.

The Forest officials, Wildlife Board member George Machan and Dr Sanath waited there since Sunday evening, anticipating that the tiger would come there to devour the leftover flesh of the cattle. At 7.30 pm, the tiger was found at a nearby farm.

Dodges tranquilisers

As it emerged out after some time, Sanath shot a tranquiliser at the big cat. But it missed the target.

At 4 pm on Monday, the forest personnel kept the leftover flesh in a cage as bait. As the big cat approached the cage, they fired a tranquiliser again at the tiger. After a few seconds, the big cat fell down unconscious.

Later, another dart was fired at the big cat. This time, it was the drug to bring the animal back to its senses.

The Bhadra wildlife division officials have now decided to relocate the tiger to the Bannerghatta Biological Park. Residents in the region heaved a sigh of relief following the capture of the tiger.

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