‘Ainmane testimony of Kodava culture’

‘Ainmane testimony of Kodava culture’

Dignitaries during a seminar on Kodava Ainmane held at FMKMC College in Madikeri.

The traditional Ainmane houses are the hubs of Kodava cultural activities and therefore, should be protected. Every family should form a trust to preserve their Ainmane, opined Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy former president Bacharaniyanda P Appanna.

He was speaking during a seminar on Ainmane, organised by Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy and Field Marshal K M Cariappa College, at FMKMC College in Madikeri recently.

Expressing his concern over the fading aspects of Kodava tradition, he felt there is a need to take up serious measures to save Kodava language.

Bacharaniyanda P Appanna said that Ainmane houses are testimony of Kodava culture.

He also said, “Ainmane houses are built by our ancestors. The time of construction of the houses can be detected by subjecting the trees used in making the house to carbon dating. One should not completely ignore Ainmane.”

Writer Kambiranda Kaveri Ponnappa said that globalisation has been impacting the local cultures.

The architecture of Ainmane denotes its significance. The ancient Ainmane have always been the centres of financial and political activities, she added.

The devices such as ‘Kaimada’, ‘Kannikamba’, ‘Nellakki Nadubade’, ‘Kaiyale’, rituals on the occasion of ‘Guru Karona’, ‘Tere’, ‘Kaveri Changrandi’, ‘Puttari’ and ‘Kail Pold’ are the indivisible parts of Kodava tradition. Ainmane unites the family. The Takka Heads of the families take the leadership, she said.

Field Marshal K M Cariappa College principal Chowrira Jagath Thimmaiah called upon the Kodava youth to actively take part in the informative programmes organised by the Kodava Academy.

He also requested the elders to enlighten young members of their family with the cultural aspects of the Kodava community.

Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy chairperson Dr Ammatanda Parvathi Appaiah felt for a need to conduct research on Kodava Ainmane.

The research will help Kodava literature to thrive, she added.

A photography exhibition by Kambeyanda Deena, featuring more than 150 Ainmane houses in Kodagu, was inaugurated on the occasion. Kambiranda Kaveri Ponnappa inaugurated the exhibition.

Academy members Machimada Janaki and Kudiyara Muttappa were present.

An exhibition-cum-sale of books published by the academy was held.

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