Stay united to check attacks, Shivalli Brahmins told

Stay united to check attacks, Shivalli Brahmins told

Subrahmanya Mutt seer Vidyaprasanna Teertha Swami said lack of unity among Tulu Shivalli Brahmins had resulted in attacks against mutts and community by the external forces.

The seer spoke at the first international convention of Tulu-speaking Shivalli Brahmins held at Rajangan in Sri Krishna Mutt. “Unity is the foremost component for survival. The only way out to stop the external forces from attacking the community and its mutts is to stand united”, he reiterated.

“Brahmin community has many contradictions - over 50% of merchants are Brahmins in Gujarat, while many Brahmins have limited their profession to cleaning toilets in Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi among other places.

The seer said that the government should support the community. “In the current situation, the community has not received any support. When the community stands united, the contradictions will gradually decline. The unity should also aim at the development of the community,” the seer added.

Pejawar Mutt seer Vishwesha Teertha Swami lamented that the Brahmin community had failed to understand the depth of Dwaita philosophy. Interestingly, the philosophy is respected in Western countries.

Paryaya Palimaru Mutt seer Vidyadheesha Teertha Swami urged the youth to showcase the community traditions and simultaneously should elevate the status of the community socially, economically and politically. He said that the community has its own unique custom and traditions, which is sacred in many ways, the seer added.