Students devise intelligent vehicle parking system

Students of Srinivas School of Engineering with their project on efficient vehicle parking lot system.

Srinivas School of Engineering students have developed an efficient vehicle parking lot system using Circular Hough Transform system for enhancing the Smart City Mission.

Students Akash Acharya, Aneesh Rao H S, Prathviraj P Shetty, Shreevasa Tantry have developed the system under the guidance of Assistant Professor Krishnaraj Rao.

The students said: “On a daily basis parking of a vehicle in a parking lot is done by the driver using his or her driving skills and up to some extent, the guidance of another person. A misjudgement can cause wrong parking of the vehicle,” the students said.

“In certain situations, a vehicle might be parked at a certain place in a way that there is no room for other vehicles to even to remove their vehicles from the lot. This can cause blocks and wastage of time. It can also lead to arguments between drivers or vehicle owners,” the students added.

“The Smart City Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) plays an important role in finding parking places specifically for car owners to avoid time computation. This project includes the concept of openCV and matlab application that helps to gain knowledge to execute the ideas of hardware modelling using Circle Hough Transformation,” the students explained.

“A low-cost setup that automates the working of a parking lot system and lowing the consumption of fuel and time. Further adding an enhancement to the malls available in and around Mangaluru,” the students added.

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