Vasanth Bannadi to return Nataka Academy award

Vasanth Bannadi to return Nataka Academy award

Prof Vasanth Bannadi.

Senior theatreperson Prof Vasanth Bannadi has decided to return Nataka Academy award in protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and NRC.

Bannadi’s post in his Facebook account announcing returning of the award in the wake of recent unpleasant incidents across India, went viral on social media.

On his post, Bannadi told DH, “When there was cry over returning awards during the murder of Gauri Lankesh and Kalburgi, I waited with patience. Now, there has been a rise in anti-democratic activities in the country. It is right time to return the award’’.

The issue of illegal migration to the country is not new. The previous governments were making an attempt to deport the intruders to the country of their origin.

There is no objection to sending away the illegal immigrants. But dividing the society on the basis of religion through the CAA and NRC is not right, he added.

‘’Suppressing the protest using brute force is not right. During Anna Hazare’s hunger strike, the government had handled with utmost care. The NRC and CAA will affect
Hindus in the future,” he warned.

“Karnataka Nataka Academy President Bheemasena is likely to visit Kundapur on Monday. I have sought his appointment and will return the Academy award and cash I had received in 2002’’, Prof Bannadi said.