Yakshagana video goes viral

Yakshagana video goes viral

The video of Yakshagana posted by artiste Ashwini Kondadakuli from Kumbhashi in Kundapura on her Facebook page has gone viral on social media.

“Art helps in personality development of an individual. The practice of this hobby cannot be stopped by any corona. I was joined by my brother Sricharana in this Yakshagana video clipping,” she has stated.

The duo have enacted on Yakshagana song ‘Yaare Neenu Bhuvana Mohini…’

The video has been viewed and shared by many and have lauded the efforts of Ashwini and thanked her for posting the video during the lockdown.

Ashwini is the daughter of well-known Yakshagana artiste Ramachandra Kondadakuli.