Need no moral lessons from Modi: HDK

Need no moral lessons from Modi: HDK

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Sunday retorted to the remarks made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he did not need moral lessons from a person who “allowed innocent people to die on his watch.”

“I have not stooped to Modi’s level and am not afraid of any probe. It is because as a chief minister I have not been behind any Godhra-like incidents,” he said.

Modi ridiculed the protest held in front of the Income Tax office recently. The prime minister should assess whether the I-T department was doing its job in an impartial manner, he said.

“I am not afraid of Income Tax raids or any probe against me,” he said. Commenting on the raids carried out on the residence of a villager in whose house H D Deve Gowda had food while campaigning, he said that such measures presented an inhumane picture of the Central government.

Criticising the “remote control government” remark of the Modi, he said that the prime minister should first disclose who he was controlled by. “I am not controlled by anybody. We are not running the government in an atmosphere of fear. Modi should understand this,” he said.