No certificate if med faculty quit before one year

No certificate if med faculty quit before one year

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) has ordered its affiliated institutions not to issue the experience certificate to faculty members who do not complete one year of service. (DH File Photo)

Private medical institutions face tough time in finding replacement for faculty positions which fall vacant in the middle of an academic year. This had been casting adverse effect on students. “We received lot of complaints from students about private institutions not conducting regular classes and not roping in the deserving candidates for faculty positions. When we inquired with the institutions, they replied that they were finding it difficult to to retain faculty members as many of them quit in the middle of academic year due to work pressure and other reasons,” a senior RGUHS official told DH.

The official said that in order to tackle the problem, the varsity issued a circular stating that teachers appointed in one college, have to work at least for one academic year in that college to consider their teaching experience or else their teaching experience will not be considered.

The circular also provided that the colleges should bring to the notice of the varsity any appointment made or promotion given for faculty members.

“We lack information about the private college faculties. This measure will help us to know the exact strength,” Shivananda Kapse, Registrar, RGUHS said.

On an average out of 20, around 9 faculty members quit the job in private institutions quoting various reasons.

“Basic reason for quitting the job might be financial issues as they might get a better opportunity elsewhere. Besides, some go for higher studies, and some quit because of work pressure. Compared to other private colleges the attrition rate is less in our college,” Dr Kiron Varghese, Head of the department, Cardiology, St John’s College, Bengaluru told DH.

He said that the management wil not be able to maintain teacher-student ratio even if one faculty quits and that finding replacement is a herculean task.