Renukacharya courts row over 'weapons in mosques'

Renukacharya courts row over 'weapons in mosques' remark


BJP legislator MP Renukacharya faced flak after a video in which he accused Muslims of storing weapons inside mosques went viral on Monday.

The Congress attacked Renukacharypa, the chief minister’s political secretary, for his remarks, saying it showed his “sick mentality.”

Speaking at a rally organised in support of Citizenship Amendment Act in Honnali, Davanagere district, Renukacharya said, “Are you traitors issuing fatwas in mosques? What is inside your mosques? Do you pray? Rather than praying, you are storing weapons. Do you need mosques for such activities?”

The former Excise minister said that opposition to BJP from minority communities prompted him to discriminate against Muslims as they had not heeded his call to attend the pro-CAA rally. “Has anybody turned up? Is there anyone here? Henceforth, if you play the same games, I will play politics in the taluk. Funds released to you will be diverted to Hindu localities, so that our people can develop. I will show you your place,” he said.

Several of his Muslim friends, he said, had questioned him about why he was not entertaining them anymore. “Earlier I used to host Muslims, embrace them and offer tea. Henceforth, I will neither embrace nor offer offer tea. I don’t need your votes,” he said.

Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad, in his reaction, said in a tweet: “Renukacharya, the whole country today stands united against divisive forces like yourself. Remarks like these reflect upon your sick mentality and have no relevance in a country like ours. Remember, you are at the mercy of people. They will show you your place.”

Former Congress MP VS Ugrappa said, “Will the CM, who took oath on the Constitution to administer the state without discriminating on the basis of caste, religion, class and gender, justify the anti-constitutional remarks by his political secretary? Is CM not responsible for the statement?”

This is the second time in less than a month that a BJP legislator has courted controversy. Earlier in the month, Ballari City MLA Somashekar Reddy allegedly threatened Muslims saying Hindus made up 80% of the population.