In Chitradurga, Modi dangles Balakot to woo youngsters

In Chitradurga, Modi dangles Balakot to woo youngsters

Launching his campaign trail in Karnataka, since the announcement of polls to Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday came down heavily on the ruling coalition of Congress and JDS. Addressing a massive rally of BJP supporters in Chitradurga, 200 kms from Bengaluru, the Prime Minister made a special appeal to the voters especially the millennial voters to dedicate their votes towards forming a strong government at the centre and all their votes will directly get credited to the account of ‘Modi’.

 Trying to connect with the ‘noujawans’ (Youngsters) of Karnataka, the prime minister invoked Indian Air Force (IAF) strike on Balakot and urged them to vote for the ‘brave soldiers’ who made the country proud. “I want to ask all the first-time voters; can their vote be dedicated to the valorous act of our soldiers? Can your vote be helpful in getting a house for the poor, better medical treatment for the needy, irrigate the drought-stricken field of a poor farmer?”

Assuring them that their vote will not go waste, Modi promised, “Don’t fall prey to any inducements and make a mistake. Think carefully about the security of the country and cast your vote. The moment you press the button before the Lotus, your vote will directly get credited to Modi’s account and help in building strong governance at the centre which will take India on the new path of development.” The PM also said that the 21st-century youngsters are now teaching a lesson to those who did injustice to the country in the 20th Century.

Greeting sea of supporters who had descended on the fort town Chitradurga from neighbouring Davanagere and Tumakuru districts, Modi took them by surprise by fluently conversing in Kannada and greeting them on the occasion of Ugadi. Even though the sweltering temperature with mercury levels hovering at 36-degree centigrade made him stop twice to wipe his face, Modi energised supporters by chanting Chowkidar slogans.

Attack on Congress-JDS coalition!

Taking a dig at the ruling Congress-JDS coalition, PM Modi shot back at Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, without taking his name, over his controversial statement on the brave soldiers who retaliated the Pulwama attack. “When our jawans’ retaliatory attack should have pained Pakistan, it had upset the coalition of Congress-JDS here as they began crying. They tried blaming Modi. But the local CM even went a step ahead and appealed to the people not to celebrate the success of our soldiers as it upsets a section of the society. But I want to ask that CM, whether his vote bank is present in Karnataka or in Pakistan?” Modi shot back at HDK.

Throwing a question to the audience, Modi questioned, “What is happening in Karnataka?” He further replied, “Nobody knows what is happening here. The two parties that lost miserably at the hustings have come together to grab power. Their coalition is riddled with the internal fight with every day their top leaders trying to quell the dissidence. In the meantime, they have no time for people’s problems. I would like to ask voters of Karnataka whether we need this type of government?”

Strong government

Thanking the people for reposing faith in his leadership in 2014 and helping the NDA form strong government at the centre, Modi appealed to vote again in the same spirit which will help the NDA form strong government at the centre once again. “If the entire world is hailing India today, it was all because of your votes back in 2014. If you want same India, making all of us proud in the coming days, we must all vote towards forming a strong government in the centre,” he stated.