Don't select courses based on placement opportunities

Don't select courses based on placement opportunities

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Dear Sir,

I am a student in Class 12 (PCMC). Lately, I’ve lost all my interest in Physics and Chemistry. I wish to pursue further education in the field of design. I’m confused about the stream in designing I should get into. Also, my parents are suggesting that I pursue Computer Science. I don’t have any interest in coding. What do I do?


Dear Anonymous,

It is quite likely that you are a creative, spatial and intuitive person and your thinking goes beyond the logical and sequential. Though you have taken up science, this will not stop you from entering the design world for higher studies. Since you are undecided about the stream of design to select, it is better to take up a professional four-year degree course Bachelor of Design (BDes) offered by many reputed institutions such as the IITs, National Institute of Design (NID), MICA, Srishti and other private colleges or universities. Once you build a good foundation on all aspects of design and creativity, you can decide on your specialisation. The top institutions select through entrance exams, and you may have to prepare well to ensure that you get selected.


Dear Sir,

I am currently in Class 9. I am interested in studying astrophysics. Please suggest how I can do this after Class 12.


Dear Aditya,

Good courses in astrophysics are available mostly at the post-graduate level. You can either pursue a basic stream of engineering or take up a Physics Honours program in any well-established university to start with. After that, you can go for higher studies in institutions such as IISc, IITs, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, ISRO, Pune University etc., or try for a scholarship to go abroad and gain knowledge on new technology. At the outset it will be good if you are clear about the type of work you will be doing and the lifestyle. Get as much information as possible before you make a decision.


Dear Sir,

I am currently in the second year of my B Com degree. I want to serve the country, so I decided to start preparing for the SSC exams. I plan to join a coaching centre. Is this the right step? What is a good coaching centre in Bengaluru?


Dear Chandra,

It is commendable that you wish to serve the country through government service. Many hard-working candidates succeed by studying on their own and practising with previous years’ question papers. If you do wish to take coaching, look for a centre nearest to your house so that you do not waste time commuting, and whose timing does not disturb your regular studies. There are no specific outstanding coaching centres. Since all competitive exams have very small numbers who get selected, keep other alternatives in mind in case you do not succeed.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 10. Since I have a lot of interest in biology, I want to take up medicine. I am unsure on which branch or subject to take in the medical field and also which branch has scope.


Dear Vaishnavi,

Medical studies (MBBS) does not have any branches. You have to clear the NEET exam and based on your rank a college will be allotted to you. You will be studying all subjects of medicine for four and a half years followed by one year of rigorous internship. By that time you may have a fair idea of what specialisation you would like to take up – but again allotment of a branch for higher studies is done based on your rank in the PG-NEET exam which you will have to clear. Those who feel that MBBS may be too difficult to either get admission or go through its rigorous studies can opt for paramedical courses such as radiography, optometry, physiotherapy, speech-language pathology and many others, which are three or four years professional courses. Admission is based on your marks in Class 12.


Dear Sir,

I am in the final year of Bachelor of Business Administration. I am planning on studying Fashion Management after completing my degree. Which colleges offer these courses?


Dear Shruthi,

Though it would have been better if you had taken up a professional undergraduate course in Fashion Technology, which would have given you a strong foundation, it is not too late if you have a flair for fashion design and are willing to compete with others who come with prior training in the world of fashion. Post-graduate courses related to fashion design or management are offered by institutions such as Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Arch Academy of Design Jaipur, Footwear Design and Development Institute, JD International Design School, NIFT, MS Ramiah University and Pearl Academy.


Dear Sir,

I’m studying in Class 12. I want to pursue Aeronautical Engineering. Does this field have scope in terms of placement?

Swayam Karekar

Dear Swayam,

Do not select courses based on “placement”. It can change significantly in the next five years by the time you graduate. Take up aeronautical engineering if you have understood the field well, have a deep interest in it, and are passionate about that career. If you are really keen on gaining a good education, do not restrict yourself to Karnataka colleges, as many reputed institutions exist in other parts of the country too.

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