Ensure you have the right talent and aptitude

Ensure you have the right talent and aptitude

Dear Sir,

I am a law graduate who finished my LLB three years back. I have practised under a few advocates but don’t enjoy my work. So, now I want to change fields and become a filmmaker. I wish to study filmmaking in Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). Can you please guide me regarding its entrance exam and how to prepare for it? What are the different courses that are offered in FTII? What are the job prospects in this field? 


Dear Ishaan,

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune offers courses in acting, direction, cinematography, editing, animation cinema etc., for graduates from any stream. They have their own selection process, and details are available on www.ftii.ac.in. There is nothing much to prepare for admission if you have the creativity and the flair for filmmaking. It will help if you shoot some short films and get them evaluated by experts.

‘Showbusiness’ always has its ups and downs and you cannot expect guaranteed regular income or work. It is meant for risk-takers who have the passion to pursue and face challenges until you gain reputation and success. Since despite being a qualified advocate you are unhappy with your work, do ensure that this time you are entering a field that you will definitely enjoy and have the right talent and aptitude for. Explore all options before you narrow down.

Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Class 10 (CBSE). Please suggest some good colleges in Karnataka for science stream which also offers IIT coaching and caters to overall personality development.

Priya Kaveri

Dear Priya,

If your son is clear about his goal of becoming an engineer, is ambitious and is aiming for national-level institutions like IITs, then it may be advisable for him to continue in CBSE rather than go to a college and do PUC. He may take up PCM and any other subject of his choice.  

Select a school that is not too far off so that he does not waste time in commuting. Since there are hundreds of schools you will need to make a list based on reputation, location and facilities offered. You may also have to check admission availability based on his grades. Please note that most institutions that offer integrated coaching for JEE etc., do not have modules on personality development, so check out carefully.

Dear Sir,

I completed my II PUC in Arts. I wish to become a newsreader, so I was wondering if I should opt for BA journalism course? My family has some financial problems, so I am working. Is it alright to do journalism in correspondence? Will it hold the same value as a regular degree?


Dear Ashwini,

A correspondence (Open University) course has good value if you can back it up with work experience in the relevant field. You may take up a journalism course that specialises in TV and visual media, and look for someone to train you in voice modulation and presentation skills.

Initially do check out if you have the basic ability to make a good newsreader since it is a specialised field and only the best candidates get good openings. Look around if you can switch over from your current job to work, in any capacity, in the radio or TV industry so that you have an exposure and your chances of success will improve.

Dear Sir,

I am currently studying in I PUC (Arts with HESP combination). I am a bit confused about which career to pursue, so could you please suggest some options to consider?

Rohan Joshy

Dear Rohan,

It is good that you are planning your career in advance so that you can prepare well for what you need to study after your PUC. As an Arts student, some of the careers open to you include: Design, e-commerce, computer applications, content writing, mass communication, teaching, beauty, hotel & hospitality, law, travel & tourism, marketing, event management, civil services, psychology, social work, military service, various fields of management, banking, and many more.  

You need to evaluate your strengths and skills, the type of lifestyle you prefer, your ability to crack competitive exams, and your personality traits. If you start a process of elimination from the full list, you will slowly be able to narrow down to specific career, and then you can explore the courses and colleges that will qualify you to reach your goals.

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