Team Mangalore presents Indian heritage in Qatar

Team Mangalore presents Indian heritage in Qatar

A kite of Team Mangalore designed like the Pushpak Vimana for the Third Aspire International Kite Festival at Doha, Qatar.

Team Mangalore, city-based group of amateur kite flyers, is taking part in the Third Aspire International Kite Festival from Wednesday to March 9 at Doha in Qatar.

This unique festival will showcase some of the best kites flown by people of international fame.

Kites of all shapes and sizes were on display – including some massive character and theme-based kites. The festival also had workshops, where people could learn everything from making kites to flying them.

Team Mangalore, a regular in international kite flying scene, is representing India. It is a team of three members, Nitin J Shetty, Subhash Pai T and Sathish Rao B.

Earlier, Team Mangalore had participated in various international kite festivals held at Canada, UK, France, Thailand, Korea, Dubai, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Italy. Recently, the team had participated in the International Kite Festival held at Dubai and its new creation Garuda and Vibhishana got accolades from the people of Dubai, UAE.

The team is showcasing its variety of kites, which includes Kathakali, the largest kite in India, and also various other kites such as Yakshagaana, Vibhishana, Garuda, Delta Devil, Durga, Charlie, Owl, Gajaraja, Pushpaka Vimana, Dampathi, Bird, and Kathakali series during the four-day event.