Hackers using RedLine malware-laced cheat codes as bait for gamers

Hackers are using YouTube to host channels offering RedLine trojan-laced cheat code files to lure gamers and steal sensitive information on computers
Last Updated : 19 September 2022, 07:32 IST

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YouTube is a big source of all kinds of information, and entertainment, second only to the Google Search platform. However, it is also becoming a good hunting ground for hackers to prey on unsuspecting victims.

In the latest instance, Kaspersky Labs have unearthed a scam, wherein hackers are luring gaming enthusiasts using RedLine malware-laced URLs to websites hosting cheat codes of popular gaming titles such as FIFA, Final Fantasy, Forza Horizon, Lego Star Wars, and Spider-Man.

Top gamers share the video recording of their gameplay. Most users go to YouTube, Discord and other similar platforms to learn new tricks to improve skills and but others seek cheat codes to clear playing levels faster. Hackers prey on the latter by placing malware-laced ads and host channels with descriptions containing URLs to compromised websites offering codes to skip levels or shortcuts to kill antagonists.

Once users go to these websites, they will be asked to download files to their PCs or mobile phones. Once installed, the notorious RedLine trojan is capable of stealing all kinds of information such as bank account details, credit card numbers, and chat history on messengers apps, and if you possess any Cryptowallet keys, they too are not safe.

The RedLine malware is also known to make the device slow and if you happen to download the trojan to your computer, it will consume more power and you are most likely to end up paying high electricity bills.

Kaspersky Labs contacted Google about the RedLine malware. The latter has killed such malicious channels for violation of the company’s Community Guidelines.

Gamers are advised to be careful while downloading any files from unknown publishers and also, make it a practice to have an anti-virus application on phones and PCs to thwart such malware in the future.

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Published 19 September 2022, 07:32 IST

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