Water crisis in Kaldoddi layout

Water crisis in Kaldoddi layout

Residents of Kaldoddi Layout in Chikkamagaluru have kept drums in front of their houses to store water.

The residents of Kaldoddi Layout in town have been facing acute water shortage for the past 15 years.

Though water is being supplied through tankers, only some parts of the layout get the waterThe residents have been using the water from Rameshwara Kere (tank) for their daily needs and also to wash vehicles.

Some rich residents in the layout rely on private water tankers to meet their water requirements, while the poor wait for the water to be supplied by the City Municipal Council (CMC). 

Yashoda, a resident, said, “Water from River Yagachi is supplied to the layout once in a month. But it is not sufficient. The health officials even clear the water stored in drums citing the growth of mosquito larvae causing Dengue.”

The CMC has sunk a borewell in the layout recently. However, the yield from the borewell is so low that it does not reach the overhead tank to be supplied to the masses, residents said.

CMC member Surekha Sampathraj said, “Four tankers are used to supply water to Indira Gandhi Layout, Kaldoddi and Vajpayee Layout. One barrel of water is supplied to each house. However, one water tanker is not sufficient to supply water to all the houses on one road in the layout. I have brought the issue to the notice of the CMC president and commissioner. However, no measures have been taken to improve the water supply system.”

Resident Kamalamma said, “We pay water tax promptly to the CMC. However, we do not get a regular supply of water. Only a few areas are supplied water through tankers. Till today, water tankers do not supply water to residents on Kerebeedi Road.”