Apps walk before exam preparations

Apps walk before exam preparations

New approach: Apps aide students with an array of methods to achieve efficiency in learning and cracking exams.

Textbooks, practice books and previous question papers are no doubt essential for preparing for exams but do not limit yourself to them. Online resources and apps have become a part of a student’s learning process, and Indian students are not an exception. Many high schoolers use resources like Reddit-Asap Science that not only supply information but also gave them excellent study techniques and strategies.

There are innumerable websites and apps that help with exam prep, so how do you find the best ones? Here are a few ways which you can use them effectively.

Resources align syllabus

Online resources that align with your syllabus also have previous years’ test papers, mock papers and tools to time your performance and to improve your strategies. CBSE Guide, Topper Learning, Papa Cambridge and the Cambridge IGCSE websites are also a good source. Malaika S, a Class 10 student from an IGCSE curriculum, says, “For topic-wise question
papers, I use Save my Exams, Physics and Math Tutor, the Maths Mann and Hakim Abbas. I also use Grade Gorilla, which is a website meant mainly for international boards, but the quiz section helps in cracking home concepts in science.”

Khan Academy, for example, has excellent resources and videos of teachers explaining concepts in depth. They also outline questions based on what you were listening to, timed tests, practice steps and more.

Social media apps 

Many students use social media apps meant purely for exam prep and study. Animo is one such popular app used by students. It features only study-related content and members share photos of notes, discussions, polls, articles and also ask questions and get answers. Gayathri N, 15, says “I use this app whenever I take short study breaks, so I don’t wander too far off the subject. The app has many authentic studying materials, which motivates me to work harder.”

Another unconventional yet interesting choice is Reddit, which isn’t just a social media platform but also has various components called sub-Reddits that are based on different topics. These include study topics that are divided into Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer and others. There are many discussions on academic topics and you can post a question or doubt and have it answered.

Live prep support

Vedantu, an online tutoring company that conducts live interactive classes to help students prepare for exams, has launched a free and instant doubt-solving app.
Using Vedantu app, you can ask doubts from teachers, irrespective of the location, day or time, and the service is free of cost. Reddit also offers a live chat function. 

Videos and simulations

It is an advantage to bring a visual element into your preparation. Malaika, for instance, refers to popular online study resources like Khan Academy, Crash Course and Free Science Lessons on Youtube. She also uses videos on popular websites like Physics Classroom, and apps like TopperLearning and Khan Academy. Malaika says, “The Physics Classroom has helpful simulations for certain concepts in Physics.”

“Using online resources really benefits me in how I understand a topic. Watching a video about a concept makes me visualise the concept.”

Variety and creativity

Ensure that the website has questions and study material that is varied. For instance: Are there different types of questions and mediums? Is the material interesting and creative? Says Malaika, “I use CrashCourse History, as John Green makes topics funny and creatively explains the most complex concepts in a matter of few words.”

Says Karun, “Mnemonics are great study strategies. When I was studying taxonomy in Class 12, I went to a website that gave me a great mnemonic to remember the order of how species were classified: Dashing King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti! I also learned a rap on cellular division and a song on the periodic table from this website called Asap Science and they are great ways to remember concepts!”

Productivity apps

Gayathri uses a productivity app called Forest that plants a tree every time for whatever period you set it to (up to 120 minutes). She says, “You can plant real trees by downloading or paying a premium version. Every time you have been productive, it rewards you coins, which can be used to purchase music and different types of trees. It blocks all apps on the phone except the SMS and calling apps, and if you do get distracted and open another app, it will vibrate and warn you to immediately go back or your tree will die which will then show up in your progress section. I also like to use an app like Headspace, which has short, guided meditations.”

Check for authenticity

It is crucial to make sure that you test the authenticity of the website or app, and that it contains the correct information. One way to check for irregularities is to look at your syllabus and the online revision guide whether they tally or not. Go to discussion boards for reviews on the best apps that other students use regularly. Syllabi change over time, and if the website has not been updated for a year or so, it’s not a good pick. Look for regular activity and updates on the site.

Balance it out

Learning online is a great way to supplement your preparation but it’s important to balance your offline exercise. Karun recommends reading and writing are great ways to make connections and go deeper into the subject.

Malaika recommends going through the textbook, using YouTube and websites to understand concepts, which will guarantee good results. 

Many websites give you a broad understanding of chapters but you may need to use other resources to study that chapter in full detail. Online resources can really help you extend your understanding of subjects and help you make exciting connections.

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