Spirit of Independence Day touches blind kids

Spirit of Independence Day touches blind kids

 “Blind patriotism” is how Jatindra, a teenager studying in Class 11, described the celebrations around him in his school on Thursday on the eve of the Independence Day.

Joined by nearly 300 school colleagues in singing the National Anthem and unfurling the flag, Jatindra wished he could see all the festivities but could not, as the students are blind.

The Blind Relief Association school for blind and visually impaired children celebrated 68 years of Independence Day in a very special way on the eve of the 68th Independence Day.

Jatindra also recited a poetry, “Independence Day is a day of pride for me. I have been celebrating it since I was a little kid.”

 He added, “We cannot see things, but like you the Independence Day for us is expressing our blind patriotism.”

Amit, another student standing close to Jatindra at the function venue, said, “I wish I could see that tricolour.”

“Madam told us that it has saffron, white and green colours and has a blue chakra in the middle. But holding a flag and waving gives me a lot of joy,” said Amit.

K J Kuriyan, principal of the school, said, “It is always a pleasure to be treated to a performance by our talented students, who remain determined, focused and posed even in the midst of their challenges.”

There were musical performances, poetry recitations, dance, drama and many more presentation performed by the children.

The school for the blind children, located near the Oberoi Hotel, offers education up to Class 12 using special tools and techniques to impart literacy.