PM Narendra Modi in Saudi Arabia Highlights: I give dignity to the poor by giving toilets, says Prime Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his keynote speech at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. PM's second trip to the Gulf Kingdom began as he landed in Riyadh late on Monday night. This time his two-day visit is to be a part of 'Davos in the desert' - a high-profile financial summit Future Investment Initiative. The measure was taken forth by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Stay tuned to DH to get all the live updates on the PM's visit and his upcoming speech.
Last Updated 29 October 2019, 20:11 IST
16:1829 Oct 2019

PM Modi said that keeping up with trends is important for development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed multiple initiatives and schemes implemented under his governance, such as tax structure reforms, FDI investments, one nation one grid schemes and Skill India.

He also mentioned the relationship between Suadi and India, dating back to ancient times, which helped keep up the International ties now.

PM pointed out that the UN should act as an instrument for positive change.

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15:5929 Oct 2019

"Today, India has succeeded in eradicating poverty at a fast pace in the world. My way to fight against poverty is to empower the poor. The poor want dignity and when I give the toilet, I do not give an arrangement. I give dignity," says PM

15:5229 Oct 2019

Today development-oriented polity determines strength: PM

"Earlier expansionist tendencies determined strength. Today development-oriented polity, the quest for innovation is determining what strength is," says PM.

15:4929 Oct 2019

UN shouldn’t merely be an institution: PM

"We have to think whether the UN has risen to the occasion when it comes to conflict resolution. I had raised this issue when the UN turned 70 but much discussion couldn’t happen. I hope this topic is discussed more actively when the UN turns 75.A body like the UN shouldn’t merely be an institution but also an instrument for positive change," he said

15:4629 Oct 2019

We will have to take a step towards strengthening this multi-polar world: Modi

"The importance of the smallest of countries is increasing today. We will have to take a step towards strengthening this multi-polar world and think what contribution are we making for the welfare of mankind," PM Modi.

(Published 29 October 2019, 15:50 IST)

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