When Jaitley accused CBI of 'investigative adventurism'

When Jaitley accused CBI of 'investigative adventurism'

Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley (PTI File Photo)

Arun Jaitley is known to be a vocal person, and the CBI found this out the hard way earlier this year. 

The Central Bureau of Investigation booked former ICICI Bank chief executive, Chanda Kochhar for cheating and criminal conspiracy after which Jaitley wrote a scathing blog post, explaining the differences between investigative adventurism and professional investigations, taking a dig at the CBI.

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"There is a fundamental difference between investigative adventurism and professional investigation. One of the reasons why our conviction rates are poor is that adventurism and megalomania overtakes our investigators and professionalism takes a back seat," the then finance minister's post read. 

He accused 'investigative adventurism' of inviting strictures and not convictions, leading to media leaks that subsequently harass the accused and ruin careers and reputations. Jaitley said the ICICI case reminded him of the same situation, and asked what purpose it served to accuse the entire who's who of the banking industry without evidence. 

"My advice to our investigators – Follow the advice of Arjun in the Mahabharat – Just concentrate on the bulls eye", his post concluded.

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