Audience thrilled by tigers’ gusto

Audience thrilled by tigers’ gusto

A ‘Huli Vesha’ team performs at the Pili Nalike 2018 in Mangaluru on Thursday.

The Gaurakshanatha Team Mangaladevi won first prize at the ‘Pili Nalike 2018’ organised by the District Youth Congress President Mithun Rai and Namma TV at the volleyball grounds at Mannagudde on Thursday.

‘Puraldappeda Mokedu Bollilu’ team was the runner-up while the Rajalakshmi team of Hoiga Bazaar and the Ballalbagh Friends team shared the third prize. As many as 10 teams had participated and danced to the tunes of the ‘thase’ (percussion instrument), exhibiting their youthful energy.

A cash reward of Rs 2.5 lakh had been announced for the winners.

Zameer Ahmed, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies and Wakf, who visited the venue, handed over an additional Rs 50,000 to the organisers, to be given to the winners.

The second prize was Rs 1.5 lakh, the third prize being Rs one lakh.

Prizes were also announced in different categories like a team of members with the best body paint, best ‘thase’ beats, best Kappuhuli (black tiger), best child performer, and the best lifter of akkimudi (rice in straw bundle).

The ‘tigers’ roared, growled, prowled, pranced and stalked for their prey to the pulsating beat of the ‘thase’.

They even lifted the ‘akki mudi’ weighing 42 kg with their teeth and threw it backwards with little effort.

The acrobatics, flips, somersaults and reverse jumps of the participant tigers left the audience thrilled and spellbound. A thunderous applause followed after each team’s performance. Mithun Rai said the main objective behind the initiative is to enliven traditional Huli Vesha.

There are many such teams in the district, but selected teams were invited. It is an effort to encourage the best teams and keep the art alive for the future generations, said Rai.

Director Rishab Shetty and actor Anushree were present for the valedictory programme.