Anurag is undergoing painful blood transfusions, help him get a transplant

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“When the doctors told us that Anurag has Thalassemia, we were devastated. We had never even heard of this disease. When we were explained the seriousness of it, we were determined to save him at any cost,” says Dipika.

That’s how Dipika and Kaushik’s long battle started 4 years ago. Since then, they have been watching their little one fight with life every day.

“He keeps praying to God to cure his ‘fever’ so that he can go and play with his friends. We long to see him healthy and happy, but it seems difficult as we don’t have enough money to fund his treatment,” tells Dipika.

Anurag has been sick almost all his life. He was four months old when his health began declining. He’d always have a fever and got tired very easily. He’d be up the entire night, crying in discomfort.

When his condition worsened, they took him to the hospital where the doctors immediately conducted a blood test. Dipika’s heart raced as fear overpowered her mind. After a few hours, when the doctor came with the test report, the couple’s worst fears came to reality.

They were told that their baby is suffering from Thalassemia Major, a severe blood disorder where the body can’t produce enough oxygen-carrying protein. They begged the doctors to do anything required to save their child. They were told that he will need blood transfusions every month to be able to lead a normal life.

“For years, my son is undergoing painful transfusions. He has grown up enduring pain. He keeps waiting for the day when he’ll never have to go back to the hospital again,” says Dipika.

Deep down, she is scared if that day will ever come. Off late, her son’s health is declining rapidly and even the blood transfusions are not working. He doesn’t eat and struggles to even breathe. Dipika keeps telling him stories and poems to distract him, but even that doesn’t help.

Recently, when the parents took him to the hospital, they were told that the only cure to their child’s disease is a bone marrow transplant which will cost INR 3980000.00. They were shocked. They just cried inconsolably. They hadn’t even seen such a huge sum in their entire lives.

“For the first time, I had seen Kaushik crying helplessly. He had done everything in his capacity to see our son healthy, but all his effort seemed going in vain,” says Dipika.

Over the years, the couple has sold off the little valuables they owned and even took a few loans to fund their son’s treatment. However now, they have no means to arrange such a huge sum.

“I don’t even remember the last time I was able to spend time with my son. I’ve been working overtime just to be able to fund his treatment. But now, even that is not enough,” cries Kaushik.

“My son’s sufferings will never end if he doesn’t get the surgery urgently, but I don’t have money to pay for it. I don’t want my poverty to add on to his pain. I can only depend on your kindness now. Please help me,” he pleads.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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Published 22 October 2019, 13:44 IST

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