AI / Innovation in Lok Sabha Elections: Flam powers Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s Mass Media Campaign with Mixed Reality

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Trivandrum (India), May 8: With the 2024 General Elections underway, political parties and their campaigns have left no stone unturned to reach their voters with impactful messaging. To go far and wide, tech has never been a stranger in aiding political campaigns. But this time, there has been a seismic shift - with Flam and their AI-powered Mixed Reality experiences.

During the recent Kerala elections, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP - Trivandrum, unveiled a 'Mixed Reality Postcard' with a message hidden within it for his voters. This was a collaboration with Dr. Tharoor for his ‘Scan Me’ campaign. The postcard came alive with a video message when it was scanned from a phone's native camera.

Flam is a Bengaluru & San Francisco-based startup that transforms brand communication and advertisements with its mixed-reality experiences. The entire Flam experience comes alive on mobile phones without an app download.

Taking to Twitter, Mr. Tharoor lauded the impact of Flam, acknowledging how the platform's technology "innovatively uses Mixed-Reality tech" to maximize campaign engagement. He further elaborated on the successful partnership, highlighting how Flam represents a "pioneer of tech-enabled mass communication."

"Flam's core mission," remarked Shourya Agarwal, co-founder, "is to cultivate deeper audience engagement and dismantle communication barriers." The platform empowers organizations to forge impactful and meaningful connections with their target demographics.

This successful alliance with Mr. Tharoor's campaign serves as a potent testament to Flam's ability to revolutionize information dissemination and utilization. The world stands on the precipice of a paradigm shift, and Flam beckons to step into a future brimming with the possibilities of mixed reality.

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Published 08 May 2024, 12:39 IST

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