"Dreams taking flights: Knowledgeum Academy IBDP Learners making it to the Top Universities"

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Bengaluru: At Knowledgeum Academy, we are immensely proud to share the notable achievements of our first batch of IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) learners. “Over the two years, we have strived to equip our learners with excellent resources, technology and mentorship to ensure that they are qualified to seek and secure admissions in prestigious Universities in India and abroad; proving that, one can reach the pinnacles of academic success, regardless of their geographical origins”, said Ms. Aparna Prasad, Founder, Knowledgeum Academy.

From Conventional Education to International Baccalaureate Brilliance, our learners were driven by their goals which have equally shaped them into self-aware, ambitious young adults, ready to navigate the next phase of their lives in some of the most sought-after Universities across the globe. Akshat Parmar, a DP-2 graduating student has now secured an unconditional offer in Arizona State University for higher studies. For him, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme at Knowledgeum Academy, was not merely a step forward in education but a transformative leap towards intellectual excellence, global competence, a voyage of growth.

Akshat was drawn to the IB curriculum’s flexibility and the breadth of subjects emphasising critical thinking, research skills, and international-mindedness. It was an opportunity to transcend the limitations of traditional high school education and emerge as a well-rounded individual prepared for the complexities of the modern world. Therefore, over time, Akshat evolved into choosing the IB programme after much thoughtful consideration.

“Over the span of two enriching years in the IB Diploma Programme, I immersed myself in a diverse array of subjects that shaped my personal and intellectual growth. From exploring fundamental economic principles to specializing in business-related courses like Business Management, I embraced the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum, fostering connections between different areas of study and honing my critical thinking abilities. While the IB programme had its share of challenges, I found solace in the supportive environment at Knowledgeum Academy. Knowledgeum Academy is a place where dreams take flight and students are empowered to reach their fullest potential”, said Akshat Parmar. 

As Akshat prepares to embark on his next chapter at Arizona State University, he brims with gratitude for the transformative experience offered by Knowledgeum Academy and the support of his parents, family, peers. With support of the educational counsellor and profile building sessions, he navigated through the complexities of the college application process, positioning himself competitively for admission. Meanwhile, many of his peers from Knowledgeum Academy have applied for various reputed institutions across the globe such as the University of Massachusetts, University of Bath, University of Melbourne, Sapienza University of Rome, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Ohio University etc. among others.

At Knowledgeum Academy, our role has been to impart knowledge and empower our learners to become responsible global citizens, positively impacting the world. From Bengaluru to the world, our IBDP learners are proving their mettle by making their mark that no dream is beyond reach.

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Published 08 May 2024, 11:00 IST

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