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Change of  name is a significant milestone in life, often signifying a new beginning or a transition in identity. Whether due to marriage, divorce, personal reasons, Documentation error or cultural reasons,  An individual Applying for name change must navigate through a process that includes legal formalities and public notification. One important step in this process is publishing name change ads in Pune newspapers, this ensures legal compliance and public awareness.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to undertake this process seamlessly.

Name change ads, also known as 'change of name' ads, serve as formal and legal announcements of an individual's decision to change their name legally. These ads are published in newspapers to fulfill legal requirements like passport and notify the public of the change.

Name Change Ad Procedure:

The procedure for publishing a name change ad in Pune newspapers involves several steps:

Verification of Name Change: Ensure that the name change complies with legal requirements and obtain the necessary documents such as a gazette notification or court order.

Drafting the Advertisement: Prepare the advertisement content according to the format prescribed by the newspaper. Typically, the ad includes details such as the old name, new name, reason for the change, and contact information.

Usually the ads used in Passport are as follows:

I have changed my name from Pooja Ashok Kamble to Priya Ashok Kamble as per Documents

Selecting Newspapers: Choose newspapers in Pune where you want to publish the ad. Consider factors such as approval, circulation, audience reach, and cost.

Submission: Submit the drafted advertisement along with the required documents such as affidavit or Photo ID proof to the newspaper's advertising department or ad agency.

Publication: Once the newspaper publication house or an ad agency approves the ad, it will be scheduled for publication on the specified date.

Reasons for Change of Name:

There are various reasons why individuals opt for a change of name:

Marriage: In Pune and all over Maharashtra, especially women,  change their surname post-marriage.

Divorce: Some women revert to their maiden name after divorce.

Personal Preference: Individuals might choose to change their name for personal or professional reasons, such as choosing a name that better reflects their identity or aspirations, also sometimes people dislike their names.

Religious Reasons: Changes in religious affiliation or cultural identity may prompt individuals to change their names.

Newspapers  in Pune:

Pune has a wide variety of both English and Marathi publications. Some prominent newspapers where name change ads can be published include:

 Indian Express


The Times of India (TOI)

Maharashtra Times



To publish a name change ad in Pune newspapers, follow these steps:

Contact the advertising department of the chosen newspaper or the newspaper ad agency like changeofnameads.com

Inquire about the advertisement rates, formats, and submission guidelines.

Provide the necessary details and documents for drafting the ad

Review the draft ad provided and make any necessary changes or revisions.

Make the payment for the advertisement.

Await confirmation and publication of the ad on the scheduled date.

Documents Required to Publish Name Change Ad:

The documents required to publish a name change ad typically include:

Affidavit or Photo ID proof such as Aadhar card, passport, or driver's license.

Time Duration and Copies required

It usually takes 24 hrs to publish Name change ad in any newspaper across Pune. 2 copies of each newspaper (One English and One Marathi) has to be purchased and submitted at the Passport office and for Police Verification.

Publishing name change ads in Pune newspapers is vital in the legal process of changing one's name. By Following proper Legal procedure and providing the necessary documents, individuals can ensure compliance with legal requirements and inform the public of their new identity. With Pune's ample newspaper options, individuals have many choices for fulfilling their name change announcements in gazettes and newspapers effectively.

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Published 24 April 2024, 10:54 IST

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