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PayStubs.net the leading paystub creator is creating ripples in the small business sector by creating an on-demand pay platform that is helping employers reduce costs while reducing or eliminating paper checks and simplifying pay distribution.

According to the Workforce Institute, over one-third of American workers found errors in their paychecks during their careers and were forced to pay a personal bill later on. Companies also make payments outside of their usual payroll schedule that takes up substantial time. With the PayStubs.net platform, employers now need to spend less time on processing payroll and filing payroll taxes and instead use their valuable time to work on generating revenues for their businesses.

When it comes to starting your first business or hiring employees for the first time, it can soon turn out to be overwhelming for new employers working through the official paperwork. The various laws and regulations governing these papers make one worry not to get something wrong.

Surprisingly, one tiny piece of paper created through paystubs can be a big relief to employers in handling all these situations and reducing costs substantially. Instead of sourcing through files and records in the traditional method, which has a greater chance of errors creeping in, employers can now generate pay stubs in quick easy steps and enjoy immediate results.

What is on a Paystub?
A paystub is a proof of income document provided by the employer ideally to the employee. The document itemizes the employee’s payment for each pay period. Generally, a pay stub includes gross wages, deductions (Tax and others), and net pay (Take Home) after deductions. The Net Pay is the amount left after deducting taxes (federal, state, and local taxes, Medicare, Social Security, etc.) and other items (health insurance, life insurance, 401k, etc.) from your gross wage.

By logging into PayStubs.net, employers can automate paycheck processes and save time, money, and hassle that otherwise would have been the case when running payroll. Users are guided step by step to set up employee information and other important data before printing paystubs.

Paystub is provided by the employer to employee:

● As an attachment to paycheck if payment is made with a paper check.
● As a pay slip to print online if payment is made directly to bank account and no paper copy is provided. The employee has to log in to view and print the pay stub.

How Does It Work?
Here are 3 simple steps to create a pay stub:

● Log on to https://www.paystubs.net/
● Fill in necessary information such as business name and salary details
● Select your preferred template and preview your pay stub after filling all the fields on the form
● Download and print the stub with all the details

Why You Might Need Your Pay Stub
To Ensure the Correctness of the Information: Keeping a physical or a digital copy of the pay stub helps to confirm that deductions made in the paycheck are correct. The document could be referred to settle any discrepancies noted in an employee’s pay with the employer. If it is starting a new job, the document could be used to confirm all the deductions made earlier.

About PayStubs.net

PayStubs.net is a leading provider of user-friendly online platforms for producing professional documents. A dedicated team of experienced accountants is involved in developing these platforms that help businesses to create customized stubs with few simple steps.

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Published 21 September 2021, 13:52 IST

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