Anavar for Sale: Where to Buy Anavar Online? [3 Bests Ranked]

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Before You Buy Anavar Online

So you’ve been working extra hard at the gym, eating your protein like crazy, but you feel like you’ve reached your limit. It seems you can’t really do anything much to progress and achieve that defined physique you dream of. Sounds familiar?

We know how you’re feeling, and it’s frustrating. So no wonder you’re looking for a bit of an external boost.

And you’ve landed on the right page — we’re telling you everything you need to know about one of the safest steroids that has a perfect anabolic impact with a low side effect profile. So here you go, dive into the article to learn more about the muscle building drug Anavar Oxandrolone and the best brands out there.

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What is Anavar?

Anavar is a synthetic anabolic steroid designed to replicate the effects of testosterone but is a significantly more potent anabolic agent than test. Because testosterone is produced in our bodies naturally, steroids like Anavar are safe and extremely effective in boosting testosterone levels, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of elevated testo.

Of course, Anavar is used as a medication for certain diseases caused by low testosterone levels. However, it is also big for one more particular purpose — improvements in athletic performance, lean muscle mass and size, muscle hardness, strength gains and endurance.

In fact, compared to some other anabolic steroids, Anavar is safe for both men and women to get a boost in bodybuilding, or other sports for that matter.

Anavar goes by a few different names, like Oxandrolone and Oxandrin, which are basically all brand names for the same highly anabolic steroid. You could find the steroid under each of these names depending on the time it was marketed and who produced it, but they all stand for the same old AAS.

Anavar comes in oral form only, which makes it a great drug in terms of convenience — you don’t have to hassle with the injections and won’t miss the dose wherever you go.

Anavar Benefits

Anavar is legal, safe and extremely beneficial. It elevates how you perform, feel and look, as well as supports your overall health.

In particular, you’ll notice the following physical effects because Anavar:

●     doesn’t aromatize, which means it doesn’t convert into estrogen, hence not causing gynecomastia (breast enlargement) in men

●     promotes lean muscle growth and adds physical strength

●     decreases body fat and prevents fat gain by facilitating lipolysis

●     boosts energy by storing more ATP

●     stimulates muscle recovery by speeding up protein synthesis

Anavar also enhances your mental well-being, so here are what mental/emotional benefits you can expect from Anavar:

●     increased concentration

●     better mood

There are also some other benefits Anavar has over other anabolic steroids, like the following:

●     supports bone health

●     makes you veinier

●     doesn't cause water retention

●     suitable for females, since it has a weak androgenic effect and, therefore, doesn’t cause virilization (voice deepening and other male characteristic development)

●     convenient oral form, so no needle business

History of Oxandrolone


Back at the beginning of the 1960s, two men working at a company that is now under Pfizer, Searle Laboratories, synthesized the hormone oxandrolone. Christopher Jung and Raphael Pappo saw that the drug had a very low androgenic effect without losing its anabolic potency.

So a few years later, in the middle of the 1960s, the drug reached the US market of pharmaceuticals as Anavar.

Entering the pharma market

In particular, the medication was positioned as a prescription drug for patients with osteoporosis because of its positive effect on bone health.

Similarly, the anabolic steroid was used to treat disorders that caused weight loss, including HIV/AIDS. Thanks to its ability to promote muscle growth, Oxandrolone could help preserve muscle mass in people suffering from muscle-wasting conditions.


Because of its beneficial impact on lean muscle growth, professional athletes and bodybuilders soon started using Oxandrolone to enhance performance, which was illegal. So despite its success in the pharma market, the negative publicity around its illegal use in sports led the production company to discontinue the drug in 1989.

Back on the market

In 1995, another company picked up Oxandrolone for clinical trials, and it passed successfully. So, Anavar entered the legal market again as Oxandrin. This time, Oxandrin got FDA approval and, besides those listed earlier, was used as a treatment for conditions like Turner syndrome and alcoholic hepatitis, as well as to stop protein catabolism.

Best Brands of Anavar for Sale — Top 3 Brands Reviewed

Here are our top 3 runners on the list of Anavar brands available on the market today.

Magnus Pharmaceuticals — Editor’s Choice

Magnus Pharmaceuticals leads our rating of superb Anavar brands, with a 98.99% product purity. The brand is another manufacturer of legit steroids and other medication, which, like the other two brands we’ve featured, guarantees product originality via an online verification system at magnuspharmaceuticals.ltd/verify-your-product.

This brand’s Anavar tablets come in the same pill count and dosage as others, particularly 100 pills in blisters at 10mg each. These are available at our partner’s store, MisterOlympia.shop, with fast delivery (up to 2 days) across the US.

You can get your pack of Anavar from Magnus Pharmaceuticals with a 15% discount if it’s your first order using code FIRE at the checkout.

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Pharmacom Oxandrolonos — Premium Brand

Pharmacom Labs is one of the leading pharma manufacturers and an absolute bestseller! They produce medication of different categories, including androgenic anabolic steroids. Their products are original, premium-quality and extremely pure (for example, Anavar is 99.59% pure).

Anavar from Pharmacom Labs comes in a pack of blisters, 100 pills at 10mg dosage each. The brand also guarantees security when it comes to product authenticity — you can verify each pack using the code printed on the label at pharmacomlabs.ltd/code.html. So you can be sure you’re taking a legit product of high quality.

At misterolympia.shop, you can get your pack of Anavar from this top-selling brand in just up to a week since it’s stored in the US. So you get fast shipping and no worries about customs clearance! And don’t forget to apply the code FIRE and get a 15% OFF on your first order at Mister Olympia shop!

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Spectrum Pharma Anavar — The Best Value

Spectrum Pharma is another leader in our recommended Anavar manufacturers because of its excellent product quality. Spectrum has been on the market for quite some time now and managed to establish its name as one of the top medication production brands.

Since it’s a big pharma brand, it’s no wonder that the composition of this brand’s steroid is impressive — you get 99,42% product purity. The brand also provides a guarantee for product originality since you can verify your pack at a.spectrum-pharma.com to be safe in terms of what it is that you’re taking.

Just like Anavar from Pharmacom Labs, the one from Spectrum Pharma comes in 100 pills per pack, dosed at 10 mg each. You can get yours at misterolympia shop at a reduced price (15% OFF) on your first order. Apply the code FIRE to get the deal and receive your order within 2 days!

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Anavar Dosages for Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

How does a typical Anavar cycle look?

A typical Oxandrolone cycle lasts for 10 weeks, regardless of whether it’s a male or female bodybuilder being administered.

If you’re just starting out with steroids, though, you can go for fewer weeks, but be ready to see a poor result in terms of changes to your physique and how you’re feeling.

Taking the steroid for longer than that isn’t recommended because oversaturating your body with any steroids can pose serious health risks. So go for 10 weeks and take a break (of course, unless your healthcare professional instructs differently).

Anavar's dosing and administration

The recommended dosage for daily intake during an Oxandrolone cycle is between 20mg and 100mg. Dosages for Anavar vary based on many factors, like gender and previous experience with steroid intake.

But regardless of the dose administered, you will have to take several Anavar pills daily since they usually come in only 10mg per pill.

So how much Anavar should you take on your cycle?

For Men

The typical administration of Anavar for males is between 60mg and 100mg daily. If it’s your first Anavar protocol, start with 60mg and increase the recommended dosage not earlier than your next Anavar cycles (if you happen to have them). And if you’ve taken AAS before, your can easily stock with up to 100mg daily.

Another way of administering Anavar is stacking it with testosterone propionate. This is suitable for bodybuilders that have doped before and whose bodies are prepared for a stronger boost. And with test P, you’re going to see an enhanced anabolic effect because your testosterone levels skyrocket higher than on the Anavar-only protocol.

The administration for stacking Anavar with test P is the following:

Testosterone Propionate: 100-150mg every other day for 12 weeks

Anavar: 30mg/day for 10 weeks

As you can see, the dose of test P is calculated individually based on your history with doping. If you need to consult a professional on proper cycle administration, contact the misterolympia.shop team and they’ll give you a personalized consultation.

For Women

Compared to men, females should take lower doses of Anavar to avoid experiencing an androgenic effect, which is mild but can affect the female body. So the administration for females is 20-50 mg daily for 10 weeks.

Remember not to exceed the dose of 50mg of Anavar a day and stick to a lower dose if it’s your first ever cycle of Anavar or doping.

Buy Anavar for Fat Loss

Besides muscle building and performance, Anavar is amazing for fat loss. As you grow your lean muscle mass, your basal metabolism increases and you burn more fat on the daily.

Besides, the steroid doesn’t cause water retention, so you’ll quickly get that defined look with every line of your muscle popping out.

And to start your fat loss with Anavar pills at a reduced price, go to misterolympia.shop and apply coupon code FIRE to get 15% OFF on your first order!

Anavar Post Cycle Therapy

Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is a phase after your steroid cycle that helps you restart your natural hormone production, which gets suppressed during your AAS intake. It’s not necessary because your body will eventually get it back on its own, but PCT speeds up returning your normal rhythm by several weeks, if not months.

PCT also helps avoid some issues you can experience because of unbalanced hormones post-cycle.

What to take for Anavar PCT?

Nolvadex and/or Clomid are the go-to prescriptions for bodybuilders after the Anavar cycle. But again, the administration for male athletes and women will differ.

For men: Nolvadex 20mg twice a day for 30 days

The above is for Anavar-only PCT, but if you stacked it with test P, then add 50 mg of Clomid twice a day for 20 days to kickstart your natural testosterone production.

For women: Nolvadex 20mg/day on Week 1, 15mg/day on Week 2, 10mg/day on Week 3 and 5mg/day on Week 4.

Final Thoughts: Build Muscles and Burn Fat with Anavar

You can exercise hard, keep a proper diet, get all your nutrients in, but still not see any more progress. And this is when some doping comes in handy.

Anavar facilitates muscle growth and strength, promotes fat loss, doesn’t retain water and gives you a significant energy boost. Besides, it is safe for both men and women and comes in a convenient oral form.

Because of these benefits, many brands produce Anavar, but our personal favorites are Magnus, Pharmacom, and Spectrum Pharma— impressive product quality (98-99% pureness) and high recognizability on the market.

But our #1 choice is Magnus Pharmaceuticals Oxandrolone.

You can buy Anavar from Magnus, as well as other performance-enhancing drugs, at misterolympia.shop. You can also get a personal consultation from the team if you need help figuring out the right steroid and its administration for your particular athletic goal.

Don’t forget to apply the coupon code FIRE at the checkout at misterolympia.shop to get 15% OFF of your first order!

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Published 16 August 2023, 13:03 IST

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