‘Build confidence for a bright future’

‘Build confidence for a bright future’

Madikeri Government PU College principal P R Vijaya inaugurates an interactive session on the book ‘Learn to Live’ organised at the college in Madikeri.

Ramakrishna Sharadashrama, Ponnampet president Swamy Bodhaswaroopanandaji advised the youth to build confidence to have a bright future.

He was speaking during an interaction programme on the book ‘Learn to Live’, organised by Zilla Lekhaka Mattu Kalavidara Balaga at the Government PU College in Madikeri on Wednesday.

“The main motto of students is to gain knowledge and build good character. Students should read and discuss good books,” he added.

The seer said that Late Swami Jagadathmananda of Ramakrishna Sharadashrama has authored the book ‘Learn to Live’. The book has inspired lakhs of youth, he added.

Entrepreneur M K Chandan Kamath said that the book has been a record seller. The first impression was in 1981 and till now more than seven lakh copies of the book have been sold and the book has been translated into seven languages.

Government PU College principal P R Vijaya said that accumulation of wealth alone is not the aim of life. The youth must cultivate human values. One has to value relations. Living is a challenge, but at the same time, it is a boon. The current generation should learn to overcome defeats, he added.

Zilla Lekhaka Mattu Kalavidara Balaga member
M P Keshava Kamath said the interaction programme of the book is held for the first time in the district. There are plans to conduct similar programmes in various colleges in future.

Lecturer N S Chidanand, Balaga former working president Loknath and member Sunitha Preethu were present.