NGO seeks national fund for elderly in budget

NGO seeks national fund for elderly in budget

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The 130-million strong Agewell Foundation, an NGO working towards the welfare of elderly, demanded setting up of a national fund, a national commission and a national self-employment scheme each for the aged, in the Nirmala Sitharaman's first budget.

“In view of demanding lifestyle in old age, a large number of old people seek post-retirement jobs so that they can meet their growing needs as most people find their pension amount insufficient. While interacting with older persons across the country through its nationwide network of volunteers, Agewell Foundation understands the budgetary provisions can improve the situation of older persons to a larger extent,” the foundation said in a statement.

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It said the budget must consider the establishment of a National Institute for Aged on the lines of AIIMS for treatment and research in age-related ailments.

It also demanded setting up of Prime Minister’s self-employment scheme to offer job opportunities to retired older persons.

Under the scheme skill development, re-tooling, post-retirement training and other new age vocational training could be provided to older persons, functional assistance could be provided to retired people to harness their entrepreneurial skills.