Close shave for biker as iron scaffolding falls on him

Close shave for biker as iron scaffolding falls on him

A motorist had a near-death experience when an iron scaffolding fell on him at a metro construction site on Whitefield Main Road in eastern Bengaluru on Friday afternoon, inflicting injuries on his forehead, cheeks and thighs. 

The scaffolding was erected as part of a for the Baiyanappanahalli-Whitefield metro line under Phase 2. A truck smashed the scaffolding, forcing it down the ground. While the truck moved on, the scaffolding fell on a motorcyclist riding just behind. The motorist, identified as Sanjay Kumar, wasn’t wearing a helmet. The scaffolding brushed against his head before falling to the ground. Kumar bled from the forehead, cheeks and thighs but didn’t lose consciousness. 

This reporter, who witnessed the incident, saw him trying to pounce on the truck driver. “You hit me and then do not even stop to see what happened,” he yelled at the driver. The victim has been taken to a hospital. 

The truck driver pulled in a little ahead and came back to the spot to see what had happened. Fellow motorists wanted to thrash him but spared him eventually. 

The ongoing metro work has severely crippled traffic on Whitefield Main Road. The narrow road sees frequent accidents, according to regular commuters.