Constable roughs up ASI during brawl

A departmental inquiry has been initiated into a fracas between an assistant sub-inspector and a constable over their jurisdiction in closing a hotel that stayed open well past midnight on Tuesday.

The incident happened outside a hotel at Arakere Gate in Mico Layout, Southeast Bengaluru. According to police sources, constable Chandra, attached to the Hulimavu police station, was on night rounds on Tuesday when he allegedly abused the hotel staff for staying open after midnight.

Chandra arrived at the hotel around 12.45 am and reprimanded the hotel manager. The manager reasoned with the constable that rules permitted him to run business during those hours, following which Chandra demanded the permission letter. The manager, who had not seen Chandra earlier, asked for the policeman’s identity card. Enraged over this, the constable abused the manager, said police sources.

The hotel staff informed their jurisdictional Mico Layout police, following which an assistant sub-inspector arrived at the spot.

When Chandra was questioned by the senior, he not only abused him but also pushed and shoved him in full public view, police sources said.

Later, both parties left and informed their seniors, who ordered an inquiry.

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Constable roughs up ASI during brawl


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