Elderly woman forces rider off footpath

Elderly woman forces rider off footpath

A screenshot of the old woman confronting a motorist who rode on a footpath in Koramangala.

A 16-second video clip of an elderly lady scolding a motorist to go off the footpath on one of the busiest roads in Koramangala has gone viral.

The incident triggered fury on social media over motorists riding on the footpath.

Sources said the incident happened on Friday around 11 am on 20th Main Road, Koramangala 7th Block.

Walking along the footpath, the elderly lady saw a biker coming towards her. The irate lady stopped the biker and dared him to ride on.

Yelling at the man, she put out her walking stick and blocked his way. She then asked him to get back on to the road. A stranded rider captured the incident on video and posted it on social media.

As it went viral, thousands supported the old lady showing the motorist his place.

Several netizens liked the video, to which the Bangalore City Police and Bangalore Traffic Police were tagged.

The motorist, fearing a fierce public backlash, got off the footpath and joined the stranded vehicles on the road.