Financial firm staff help forge cop’s documents

Financial firm staff help forge cop’s documents

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How about forging a police officer’s documents to apply for a loan? The staff at a leading financial services company in central Bengaluru, along with the other accused in the case, did exactly that.

The accused got hold of the original identity documents of a policeman to avail a loan to buy electronic gadgets at a store. The fraud came to light when the policeman concerned checked his CIBIL score to apply for a loan to buy a plot.

Somashekar, a native of Haveri, working as a police constable at the Whitefield traffic station, had saved his life’s earnings to purchase the plot. However, he was short of money and applied for a loan. But, the bank officials told him that his CIBIL score was below 500 and they cannot grant him the loan.

As Somashekar had cleared all his pending loan payments, he was shocked to hear that he has dues to pay.

The bank officials further informed Somashekar that he had taken a loan from one of India’s reputed financing companies and had not made payments.

On further enquiry, he found that someone had purchased electronic goods from the Girias showroom in Basavanagudi on March 2017 on a loan worth Rs 53,700.

Later, Somashekar visited the company that financed the loan and they showed him a copy of his Aadhaar and PAN cards. He was also shown his forged residential proof, attached to the loan documents.

Though Somashekar was disappointed initially, with support from his senior officers, he filed a case against the company, and also against the individuals who used his documents to process the loan.

According to the complaint filed by Somashekar at the Whitefield police station, though his photographs were there in the Aadhaar and PAN cards, without his presence in person, the financial services firm had sanctioned the loan to unknown individuals. Hence, the staff at the financial firm were hand in glove with the accused, he stated in the complaint.