Firm's ambitious move to create future-ready students

Firm's ambitious move to create future-ready students

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In a rare move, a data analytics company has created a new kind of learning system to make students future-ready.

Mu Sigma, a pure play big data analytics and decision sciences company, on Saturday launched muPathshala with a large number of students from Inventure Academy in Bengaluru, aiming to create a new breed of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, artists, musicians and sportspeople. Mu Sigma's delivery head, technology and innovation, Sridhar Turaga launched the programme.

A release said Mu Sigma has built a vast innovation and problem-solving ecosystem over the past 13 years that has research labs, a learning center called Mu Sigma University and systems under the Art of Problem Solving.

Nooraine Fazal, founding CEO and managing trustee, Inventure Academy, said: "As educators we need to prepare our children more effectively for the future and help them become ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the wider world.

"In order to achieve this, we need to change both what and how we teach, learn, and move from teaching for a board exam, to teaching for life."