First sniffer-dog raid on prison

First sniffer-dog raid on prison

CCB sleuths raided the Central Prison at Parappana Agrahara on Wednesday and confiscated several grams of marijuana, five smoking pipes, crude knives, two mobile phones and four SIM cards. 

Receiving information that a few rowdy elements were active in the prison, a team led by Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil raided the barracks in the wee hours by employing canine squads for the first time. 

Police found a dozen knives made from metal plates, besides those stolen from the kitchen. These weapons, hidden under the pillows and other secretive places, were used to intimidate and attack rivals inside the prison, police said. 

Police said they also found mobile phones from under a bench outside the barracks and behind the portrait of a deity. They also seized four SIM cards and are checking the call detail record to check the calls made and received from the SIM cards. 

The four-member canine squad spooked the prisoners, sniffing out cigarettes and matchboxes concealed by the inmates, a senior official said.